League Style - Loosen Up Volume 1 CD


League Style - Loosen Up Volume 1 CD

‘LEAGUE STYLE’ (Loosen Up Volume 1)

PROLOGUE by WINSTON (Clive) BLAKE, Bass player for the ANWL from 1980-1998.

In 1968 me and Animal were at school together it was a tough all boys school
in Tunbridge Wells called ‘Huntleys’. We were young Skinheads and like other skinhead mates of ours our whole world revolved around Reggae music, buying the latest releases and singing along to them.
When we left school we went our separate ways, Animal joined a motorcycle gang and I kept in the Skinhead scene but also had a love for motorcycles which I still have today. It was 1980 when Animal and Magoo asked me to join the Anti Nowhere League which I did with pride, although my roots were still in Reggae music I was also into Bands like The Clash and the Stranglers, but deep down I wanted the Anti Nowhere League to do more Reggae which I knew was still under Animal’s and my skin.

After the release of ‘We are the League’ and ‘Live in Yugoslavia’ I came up with ‘League Style’ playing a few of the songs that we grew up with. The album never did get released due to the fact other bands were doing Reggae songs and ‘So What’ was dictating the direction the band was going and of course our audience were more into the rowdy side of Punk so ‘Wreck-a-Nowhere’ was the only Reggae style song we released.

I am so pleased that Animal has decided to finally release the album ‘that never was’ so hopefully you will enjoy the songs as much as I did back in our early Skinhead days.

Stay true.

Track Listing:

Jonny Too Bad (The Slickers)
Susan Beware of the Devil ( Dandy Livingstone)
Singer Man ( The Kingstonians)
Come in to my Palour (said the spider to the fly) (The Bleechers)
Fat Man (Derrick Morgan)
For the love of Common People (Nicky Thomas)
Long Shot Kick 'de Bucket (The Pioneers)
Big Five (Prince Buster)
Black Pearl (Horace Faith)
Me and My Life (The Tremeloes)
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